Electricity is the requirement of every home and sooner or later there are issues related to electricity which need to be fixed. It is not wise to explore the opportunities of experimenting with electric power as it can be fatal. Hence, you should always call an electrician to solve the issues but still, there is something which electrician wants you to understand for safety and clarity. Hence, we have arranged the list of top 5 tips your electrician wants you to know.

Never ignore warnings

Most of the electric mishaps show the warning signs before happening and the right time to call the electrician is before mishap so he can fix the issue before arising. These warning signs can be different according to the situation. The noise coming out of the switchboard is a warning sign. The little sparks are the big warning sign.  A breaker that cannot be reset is a warning sign. An extremely hot switch can be a warning sign. As a homeowner, one should never ignore these warning signs.

Don’t experiment with DIY

Do-it-Yourself looks cool but it is for the safe tasks. Electricity is a dangerous domain and it can be fatal to do experiments on the name of DIY. There is always a sense of uncertainty in DIYs as the doers are not experts rather first-timers. They cannot predict the outcome of their actions and they cannot take necessary precautionary measures to save themselves and the whole electric system. So, it is wise to contact an expert electrician instead of knocking on the door of disaster on the name of DIY.

Low-voltage is still dangerous

Some people consider that low voltage is less dangerous so they choose to do quick fixes or use careless tactics. This is a recipe for disaster. Always remember, it is not the voltage that is dangerous but the current. The current flowing in the wires is dangerous enough in low voltage that they can do damage in various ways. So, never underestimate electric power.

Overhead electric lines are live

The overhead electric lines above or near the house are the most dangerous items especially if they are fallen due to storms etc. So, never try to remove them without expert help. Furthermore, always save yourself and others from going near them as it can be fatal. Hence, expert electricians always guide homeowners to take precautionary measures from overhead electric lines near the house.

Protective Gear is special

People often consider that protective gear is the same as other materials so there is no difference in taking protective gear of electrician and household protective options. But that is not the case. Take the example of rubber gloves and boots. The rubber gloves and boots which are used by electricians can save them from electric shocks because they are made with pure rubber to save from electric shocks. Contrary to that, normal rubber boats, etc of households are not pure rubber and various impurities are added in them to make them durable and household-specific. This difference means a lot! So, never overestimate yourself and contact an expert electrician for electric work.


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