People often think every task can be done through DIY concept. However, it is not true. It is not true because DIY can be employed only when the task in hand is safe. The tasks related to electricity are not safe. Furthermore, DIY concept cannot teach all the possible outcomes of the task. Hence, most of the time, people employing the technique of DIY do big mistakes and some of these common mistakes are as follows:-

Overloading the outlets

Mostly electricians install shout outlets and then due to huge work overload it. It can cause short circuits and fire too. The solution to the problem is simple that install large outlets because in the small outlets it is dangerous to install huge and many wires in it but in small outlets, you can install both small and large wires in it.

Cutting wire too short

Short wires are difficult for the connection, mostly it causes poor connection which is very dingoes because due to poor connection there can be short circuits and even fire too. It is just because you cut your wire short. You can correct this issue with a splice. Keep remembering that you should take proper safety precautions to protect yourself from shocks because not only high but low voltage shock has the power to injure and even kill the person.

Not Using a Standby generator

It is very common in most countries that power blackouts during storm or hurricane. If you install a standby generator be ready and paper for such an occurrence.  People must install this generator carefully because it is like a gamble to install a generator by you. If you feel or notice any type of issue during installation, make assure that you will repair them at the same time. After installing this standby generator correctly, you don’t worry about refrigerator, lighting, or air conditioning for long, during a power blackout, because it has enough power to run for days.  

Not Installing a Junction Box

Many people don’t know about the importance of a junction box that is why they do not install a junction box. Junction box seems to be the useless expense at first, but in the end, it could save your huge damage. These junction boxes avoid damages sparks and heat that can occur from a poor connection, short circuit, or that type of problem. The junction box can save you the bother of fixing and dismantling wires.

Test Before You Touch

You much turn off the main electrical circuit in your home while doing any type of electrical work. However, some people would make a huge mistake of not testing a wire of an electrical box before starting any work. Make sure that each and everything is dead tests before moving forward. Using tester is very important before doing any electrical work, Moreover, these testers are cheap.

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Don’t take any type of risk regarding your health and safety by employing DIY electrical projects. Search licensed residential electricians near your residential area, check all the above-mentioned things clearly and ensure your total satisfaction.


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