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DIY in 2020

1. We are a Licensed Electrical Contractor, experts with the Code

No matter what size wire it is, a lot of home flippers and homeowners think that they can simply watch a YouTube video and start repairing or installing new wiring! While that’s good and all if your painting your room or finishing sheetrock but the code requirements are a safety issue. If they start tapping off of isolated or dedicated circuits or overloading outlets and switches, they’re going to run into trouble. We are there to prevent that mistake, and get the job done right, the first time with a licensed electrician in Charleston and surrounding areas! We are NEC experts!!

2. We Are Less Expensive than an Accident

If your potential customer thinks you sound expensive, imagine how much they’re going to have to pay if they mess up a job and have to shell out for huge repairs. List some comparisons for your customers, such as how much it costs for you to do the job versus how much it costs to replace the electric components if the customer has to fix them later. Demonstrate your value with actual numbers and they’ll see a job done right the first time is the way to go.

3. DIY is ok, just not with electricity

DIY is a phenomenon for a reason. Some DIY is relatively easy for customers to do themselves. Maybe you don’t think you should have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for work they can learn how to do from a YouTube video. The fact is there’s thousands of videos online and often have bad practices and dangerous consequences if attempted. With electricity, many highly trained professionals, to start in the trade they have completed an accredited apprenticeship program. They’re taught all of the best safety practices and precautions. They learn exactly how to repair electrical wiring safely, without injuring themselves or anyone else. Being an electrician isn’t a hobby, its a way of life! Every job we perform, we pay attention to the smallest of details, so the whole project is completed safely and up to the latest electrical code!


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