Fish wire through walls

Fishing wires through walls is the basic requirement during wiring, upgrading, or installing new appliances around the house. It is always recommended to hire electricians for wiring, upgrading, or installing complicated devices as there are various ways to fish wires through walls depending upon the walls and situations. However, let’s review the tools and then understand how an electrician fish wire through regular simple drywall.


Although the choice of tools depends upon the electrician choice and unique requirements of the wall yet, generally the tools required are a drill, drywall saw, glow rods fishing kit, screwdriver, stud finder, marker, or sharpie, level, electric tape, and mounting bracket.

Preparing area to make the hole

The first thing electrician do is preparing the area for the fishing wire by switching off the supply of the electricity in the area. After that, the stud finder is used to decide the place of the first hole. Four holes are made usually in square shape corners to specify the shape of a square hole.

Destination Hole Process

Now the second hole where the wire has to come out is determined based on calculation. A stud finder is again used to determine if there is any fire block. Once, the place is declared clear, four holes are made in a square shape to make a square hole.

Digging Holes

As the place of both the starting hole and destination hole is decided, the holes are dug on both the destination with the help of drywall saw. These are the two holes where the wire would pass.

Mounting Brackets

Once the holes are made, mounting brackets are installed to ensure the safety of the wall, wire, and system. To install mounting brackets, simply make sure the flaps of brackets are on the drywall and tide the screws. It will be fixed.

Fishing wire through walls

Now, one has to tide the glow rods with the cable using the tape. Once the cable is tied with the glow rod, simply insert the glow rods in the hole of the first bracket and takeout from the hole of the second bracket. The tied cable will come out along with the glow rod. If you feel that cable is stuck then try to insert the cable from the destination hole to the first hole.

The hurdle of fire block

In some cases, there is a fire block on the way of the wire inside the wall. If that is the case, simply use a stud finder to locate the fire block. Once it is located, make the U shape pumpkin cut above the fire block and lift the piece of drywall. Now enter the drill inside the lifted piece and dig a hole in the fire block with the help of a drill. Now you can pass the glow rod and wire through the fire block. However, one has to ensure the integrity of the fire block by sealing it afterward.


In conclusion, it is easy said than done. Hence, it is better to contact the expert electrician who can fish wire through walls in a proper way in your unique and complicated wall situation.

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