Electrical mistakes and problems are very common and it causes shocks, short circuits and fires too which are very dangerous both for the building and human. It is important to understand these electrical mistakes and their respective solution. Hence, our expert electricians have arranged top five following mistakes and solutions which you must understand.

Making electrical connection outside the electrical box

Commonly, people connect wires outside of electrical boxes. Hence, these connections can easily damage and contain sparks, heat, kids can tough it and most people can throw water or any liquid things on that, so it can cause damage short circuits and even fire too. The solution is to add a box at the place where the connection is not contained in an electrical box then connect the wires inside the box. This simple way can save you and your electrical connection from many dangerous things.

Cutting Wires very short

Mostly electrician cut the wire too short which causes difficulties when making a connection or this short wire make a poor connection and the poor connection is very dangerous. The solution is to leave the wire long while making a connection. Your wire should be 3 to 4 in. from the box. You can also extend the wire if you leave it short. It is easy to fix, simply add 6 in. extensions onto the current wires. Leave or add long wire can make you safe from any electrical dangerous.

Loose Switches and Outlets

Loose switches and outlets not only look bad but also it is dangerous. Poor and loose outlets and switches can move which can arc and overheat. It can make a short circuit, current, and even can cause a fire in your building. It is important to fix it. The solution is to fix the poor outlets by shimming under the screw and create a tight connection to the box. People can buy spacers and fix all the loose connections.

Fixing a three-slot receptacle without a ground wire

In mostly building there are two-slot receptacle and people replacing it with the three-slot receptacle to plug in three-prong plugs? Those people don’t know that this can cause a huge electrician problem. It is sickly not recommended unless you are sure that the ground is available here. You can also check it easily by using testers that outlasts is grounded or not. There are serious lights in the testers which show that the outlet is wired correctly or still there is any problem. You can purchase these testers from the hardware store if it is not available at your home.

Overloading electrical box

Small electrical boxes are for small work and large for large electrical works. Most people ignore it as they fill the small electrical box with too many wires, which cause huge overheating, short-circuiting and even fire too. The solution to the overfilling electrical box is to install a large box. In the large box, you can fill the small and large wire easily and there is no problem when you fill small wires in the large box, but this is dangerous to fill the small box with the huge number of wires. 


Electrical problems are not huge problems but not to solve these problems can cause huge damages. Hence, it is very important to know these electrical issues first and then solve it on an immigrating basis.


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