Time is changing rapidly and we are moving toward the more modern way of living with each day passing. Appliances like microwave ovens, air conditioning, and hair dryers were not widely in the past. Therefore, wiring in the old houses is not capable to cope up with the increasing and continuous demand for electric power. Hence, an old house often needs rewiring to maintain the standard of living and ensure safety while living modern-day life. Therefore, our expert electricians recommend considering the following issues at the time of rewiring in the old house.

Build the power capacity

Your rewiring should fulfill the requirements for decades to come. Hence, the wiring should be able to bear the burden of increasing a load of electric power while ensuring continuity and safety. It can be done only if you manage to build the capacity in the wiring system to withhold more heat, electric flow, and safety features. Furthermore, it is necessary to enhance the ability of the main service panel so it can handle more power. Hence, you should at least upgrade the main service panel to 100 amps as it will keep meeting your electric demands for a longer period with system stability.

Dedicated Circuits

Major appliances in the homes require more electric power and at a constant rate. Furthermore, they are more expensive and require more care. Hence, expert electricians would recommend installing dedicated circuits in the service panel for all the major home appliances to ensure the stability of the electric system. This is one of the most crucial concepts of ensuring a stable electric system that contributes heavily to the safety of the home from electric fire and for the safety of expensive home appliances. So, always go with the dedicated circuits in the service panel for your major home appliances.

Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Install outlets with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI in the kitchen, bathrooms, or outdoors as it can save from disaster. The outlets with GFCI will automatically shut down when they get wet due to water in the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoors and in this way can prevent electric shocks or more damages. Usually, all the bathrooms are connected with one GFCI to ensure that all the bathrooms are shutdown in case of leakage or any issue.

Electric Outlets over Extension Cords

Rewiring the old house means preparing for the future while saving the present of the people living in the home. It means you have to ensure safety while planning for the future consumption pattern of electricity. It can be done by installing more electric outlets throughout the house at a distance of six to eight feet. This distance of electric outlets will eliminate the need for using extension cords in the house as extension cords are one of the biggest electric fire hazards in homes. Furthermore, these extra electric outlets will support any interior change in the house for a longer period. So, always prefer electric outlets overusing extension cords in the house.

In conclusion, rewiring the old house is a big task to make your house compatible with the future. So, always listen and implement the recommendation of expert electricians as only they can ensure the safety and adaptability of your electric wiring.


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