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stan davis

Grounding vs Bonding

Why we are Grounding? How do we know that we’re doing it the correct way? When we connect an Electrical System (Source of Voltage) to

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stan davis

Grounding Myth Busted

Grounding Myth Busted     One of the Most Popular Grounding Myths is “Current goes to ground”. This is a dangerous belief that contributes to

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stan davis

#Outlet Challenge

Don’t take this deadly #outlet challenge! Educate our kids and their friends! First it was the tide pod challenge, now this! #outlet challenge needs to

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DIY in 2020

1. We are a Licensed Electrical Contractor, experts with the Code No matter what size wire it is, a lot of home flippers and homeowners

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GFCI Repair

Do you need a GFCI replaced or repaired?     If you don’t know what a GFCI repair is, just take a look in your

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