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Charleston Electrical Panels

Do you have a house or business in the Charleston area?

Count on Us for Quality and Affordable Charleston electrical panel services. Our customer-first driven focus ensures your project will be easy and stress-free!

When you need work done on your residential or commercial breaker box, call the area’s most trusted electricians at Powerful Electrical LLC.

Whether you need to upgrade your Charleston electrical panels, want to move your electrical panel, or require repair and replacement, our licensed electricians can handle the task effortlessly.

We’ve set ourselves apart from the competition with our customer service driven focus. We plan out everything in advance and maintain constant communication for changes when they arise. We arrive on time with a fully-stocked truck, so we have everything we need to finish the job fast. 

Electrical Panel Installation

Whatever the reason is for needing to install a new breaker box, we can complete your Charleston electrical panel installation fast. Our team arrives to your home or business with all of the needed tools and parts, so once we’re at your home we finish the job quickly and efficiently!

Electrical Panel Repair

When residential electrical panels are in need of repair, it isn’t something you want to put off. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services. We’re available anytime you have an emergency! Because we can complete your electrical panel repair in one day. You won’t have the hassle of setting up several appointments. We’ll repair your breakers and panels for a very affordable price, so you don’t need to worry about getting your home back up and running safely!

Faulty Manufacturing

Some electrical panels were simply manufactured with defects. Sometimes these defects weren’t known immediately. If you own an older home you probably own a panel that is on the should be replaced list. Dangerous issues with these faulty panels include breakers failing to trip, breakers that become loose over time and non standard designs, resulting in improper installation.


These breakers were regularly introduced in homes around the US from the 1950’s to the late 1990’s. Numerous tests throughout the years have indicated that one out of four of these breakers will be faulty and won’t trip, causing a fire risk because the wires will keep getting hotter by the breaker malfunctioning. Don’t get injured by something that is preventable. Check your electrical panel today. Call us to service!

Bulldog Pushmatic

These breakers will remain on even though they have been turned off, making them extremely dangerous for homes and families. It means the house could burn down because of faulty electrical equipment. They’re also extremely old and they are manufactured with grease fed breakers, which means that they will wear out and become defective.

Charleston Electrical Panel Relocation

You may need an electrical panel relocation if you’re remodeling, or you might just want to move your box to a more secure spot. We’ll help you plan the most convenient location for your panel and then complete the relocation in the time promised. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we stand behind our work with an industry standard one-year warranty.

Zinsco Or Sylvania

Zinsco was a very popular electrical panel brand. While there are very few of these breakers in homes today, because of their high demand of the time, we still find run them in older homes. As america’s electrical demands increased, these breakers were not able to keep up. It was found that they would allow electricity to burn the wires till they melted, leaving homes at risk of fire and homeowners at risk for shock.
Sylvania, used to be known as Zinsco, panels were used in the US in the 60’s and 70’s. The only major change in the company was their logo. The panels were identical and nothing changed. If you have one of these breakers, they are also very dangerous as they break down and don’t do their job. When a circuit overloads, the breaker is designed to trip so the wires don’t continue to heat up causing a fire or electrical shock to the homeowner or the family.

Charleston Electrical Panel Replacement

Sometimes, it makes more sense to replace your panel rather than repair it. We offer repair and replacement services. We’ll discuss the benefit of each option to help you make the decision that is best for your situation. Whatever you choose, our electricians will complete every part of the job. From pulling permits to the final inspection.

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