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Charleston Electrical Repair Services Work

Reach out to us at Powerful Electrical. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you and schedule an appointment.

Charleston Electrical Repair Services Work

During the call, let us know what electrical issues you're facing or what kind of service you need. This helps us understand and prepare for the task ahead.

Charleston Electrical Repair Services Work

We'll arrange a convenient time for our skilled electricians to come over. Whether it's a minor repair or a major installation, we've got you covered.

service is completed

Our expert electricians will arrive, diagnose the issue, and provide efficient solutions. You'll be left safe, informed, and smiling!

With Powerful Electrical, handling your electrical needs is as simple as that!


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Electrician in Charleston, SC - Powerful Electrical LLC Club Membership

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Protect Your Home with Electrical Yearly Maintenance

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Benefits of Joining the Club Membership

Powerful Electrical offers the Club Membership to you with regular electrical system checks. It is an annual check-up and service program designed to meet or exceed all manufacturer and extended warranty system maintenance requirements. The maintenance agreement will assist in keeping your home’s electrical system running at peak performance levels, preventing costly or dangerous electrical failures.

Our customers are clearly the most important part of our business, and we are committed to providing members with the electrical services they require in order to trust us!

At Powerful Electrical, our electricians follow a strict set of standards. Your electrical work will be completed correctly and in compliance with the highest safety practices and industry standards, including the (NEC) National Electrical Code

Enhance Safety with an Upgraded Electrical Panel

Electrical Service Upgrade
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Club Membership

Why Join

Increased Electrical System Efficiency & Longevity

Enjoy your sleep knowing that your electrical system will be serviced on a regular basis for safety and security. An electrician’s experience will ensure that your electrical system is in good working order with the maintenance plan, potentially increasing the life of your home’s appliances. It also aids in the protection of your home against unexpected and dangerous electrical system failures.

Priority Scheduling

If you require electrical service, you will be given first priority over nonmembers. We’ll come to your house as soon as possible, so you don’t have to wait to get your problem resolved!

5% Discount on Service and Repairs

Members save 5% on any electrical service or repair listed in our service agreement.

Dispatch Fee Waived

If your electrical system requires repairs while you are a Club Member, the trip charge will be waived.

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Home Protection Plan

Our comprehensive service plan inspections cover:

  • AFCI Breakers (Fire Protection)
  • GFCI breakers (Shock Protection)
  • Surge Protection
  • Smoke detector check and replace defective batteries
  • Operation and size of the main breaker
  • Test appliances
  • GFCI testing
  • Receptacles for Faulty wiring
  • Exterior Grounding Connection
  • Proper Mounting of Equipment
  • Loose Connections
  • Proper Voltage and Amperage readings
  • Properly Sized Breakers and Type
  • Proper System Grounding
  • Whole home electrical inspection

Ready to see how safe your home is?


We want to ensure that you get the electrical services you need so that any installations and replacements last you for many years to come.

That’s why we offer our electrical protection plan. First we would perform a whole home electrical inspection to test the wiring and breakers, then we can help protect your investment with our service plan and ensure you are always covered. Our team of electricians are dedicated to your safety and satisfaction!  

Let's Get You Up-Front Pricing

Transparent pricing is a right, not a luxury. We proudly offer flat rate pricing on everything we do—just fill out our form to get started.

Our experts will arrive promptly to evaluate the situation and provide you a range of skilled electrical services tailored to your unique requirements, complete with upfront pricing and flexible scheduling with small monthly financing for all services!

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Electrician in Charleston, SC - Powerful Electrical LLC Club Membership
Electrician in Charleston, SC - Powerful Electrical LLC Club Membership
Electrician in Charleston, SC - Powerful Electrical LLC Club Membership

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