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Generac Standby Generator

Power outages come at the worst times and often when we need lights and power the most. With many homeowners working and learning from home, having a power outage would be devastating.

Long hours in the dark can be incredibly painful without your TV, cold refrigerator or high powered internet. But when a hurricane strikes and the power goes out, the lack of entertainment is the least of your problems. Luckily, you can supply your home with power even during outages by using a portable or standby, permanent generator. If you want to learn more about why you should have a power generator installed today, call today! 

Generac Standby Generator

Emergency Lighting

By setting your home up with a standby generator, you’ll have backup power within seconds of a power outage. 


Prevent Damage

Your power generator will keep your home’s sump pump working to reduce water damage while you’re away.

Maintain Air Quality

With a standby or portable generator, you can keep your HVAC running even during hurricane season.

Looking for a reliable backup power solution? Look no further than our Generac Standby Generator! It’s the perfect solution for keeping your home or business running smoothly during power outages. With a Generac Standby Generator, you’ll never have to worry about losing power again. Contact us today to learn more!

A Generac standby generator is a reliable and efficient solution to keep your home or business powered during an outage. Our team of experts can help you choose the right model and provide professional installation to ensure your generator is ready to go when you need it most. Don’t let power outages disrupt your life or business – invest in a Generac standby generator today!

Generators don’t make electricity. Instead, they convert chemical or mechanical energy into electricity. They do this by turning the power of motion into electrical energy. One way to think of a generator is an electrical motor running in reverse.

Like those at Hoover Dam, some heavy-duty generators create vast amounts of electricity by transforming the water’s power into electricity. Most residential generators, however, rely on traditional fuel sources like gas, diesel, and propane.  

In general, there are three kinds of generators: portable, inverter, and standby. If you’re planning on buying a generator, it’s important to note that standby (permanent) generators work best for disasters like hurricanes.

Hurricane-Caused Outages Across the Country

The active hurricane season in the US is very dangerous every year. Millions of Americans have been living without electricity for days and weeks due to hurricane damage.

Our experienced crew will look at your electric needs and provide an estimate based on your house or business needs.

Check with us about the latest market deals for generators and let’s provide you with a backup plan that fits your needs. 

Powerful Electrical LLC: Electrician in Charleston SC

Most natural disasters, like hurricanes and floods, cause power outages. With a standby generator, you can keep the electricity in your home running.

During hurricane season, the weather tends to get chilly. If the power is out, you won’t be able to turn on your heater. Staying in cold environments without a heater can lead to you developing hypothermia and other health problems. Even if the cold isn’t extreme enough, it can still cause you and your family’s discomfort.  

If you’ve set up your home with automatic garage doors, a security system, and an electronic lock for your front door, all these may fail when a power outage strikes.


Imagine not being able to enter your home because of a power outage. Or, having to leave the house in a hurry, but the garage door won’t budge. In emergencies, these are huge inconveniences. With a power generator, you can bypass these problems entirely. 

When disasters strike, the smart thing to do would be to find a way to communicate with the outside world. Having a line to the outside world allows you to stay updated with your local government’s updates. If the government needs to evacuate the area, you’ll need to find a way to stay informed.


One of the most convenient ways to connect with news outlets in this day and age is via the internet. With no electricity, your wifi router will be disabled. Of course, you can use mobile data. However, you won’t be able to charge your phone once it dies.


Investing in a standby generator is critical in times of disaster. This is because having a constant flow of electricity in your home ensures you have the means to connect and communicate with the outside world. 

Having a generator does affect your stockpile of food, water, and medicine. To store food properly and ensure they don’t spoil, you’ll need to keep them in the refrigerator or the freezer. With no electricity, you won’t be able to store most raw foods properly.


You might be thinking that if all your food spoils, you can make your way to the supermarket. However, after disasters, you can never know when it’s safe or even possible to make a trip to the supermarket. Therefore, it’s best to be able to store lots of food in the fridge. You can do this if you have a backup generator.


Additionally, someone in your family might be taking medication that needs to be stored in cold temperatures. This makes it even more important to have electricity to run your freezers.


After the recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico and Houston, many people experienced health issues because they couldn’t store their medicine in cold temperatures due to the power outage. 

If you work from home or have sensitive and essential documents on your home computer, you’ll want to invest in a power generator. When disaster strikes, the power will go out, and your hard drive might get corrupted.


If you’re lucky, you can recover your data when the power comes back on. But for peace of mind, it’s best to be sure you have a constant flow of energy coming into your home. A standby generator turns on within seconds of a power outage, so your computer might not even be affected by the outage. 

Get a Generac Generator Installed Today

As you can see, having a Generac standby generator installed in your home by an Electrician in Charleston, SC is a must for the benefit of yourself and your family. Not only does it ensure convenience during outages, but it also guarantees safety. We will also perform a whole house electrical inspection to identify any possible hazards, including your electrical panel, test your GFCI outlets, make sure you have shock protection in the required areas as required by the NEC and test your breakers.

We can never know when disasters will strike. Although hurricanes are more likely to occur during certain months, they can happen at any time. So, it’s essential always to be ready. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Throughout the past year, hurricanes have swept through homes throughout the country, leaving many without power for weeks. This is why it’s essential to set yourself up with a power generator as soon as possible. 

Generac Standby Generator
In times of disaster, electricity is a necessity. So, contact us now to ensure that you’ll be set up with a power generator when you most need it.
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Powerful Electrical LLC-Electrician in Charleston, SC Generac Standby Generator
Powerful Electrical LLC-Electrician in Charleston, SC Generac Standby Generator
Powerful Electrical LLC-Electrician in Charleston, SC Generac Standby Generator

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Generac Standby Generator in Charleston SC

Need Help Right Away? We Offer Fair Priced Generac Standy Generator Services

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