Recessed lighting in Charleston

There are many different types of recessed lighting in Charleston and for many different purposes. Recessed lighting or can lights and high hat lights is a type of lighting that is installed in a ceiling or wall. 

Recessed lighting offers amazing possibilities to showcase a room’s lighting layout and provides lighting to key areas of your room.

Let our expert team choose the best-recessed lighting style for your project! We will offer the best lighting for the application. 

Whether it’s new construction or you’re remodeling and adding new kitchen lights, our experts can help you make the best decision for your project. 

Why Recessed Lighting In Charleston?

We also offer under and over cabinet lighting using the standard building voltage or low voltage. A key element to any area to let it shine and change colors to your needs.

An affordable way to upgrade any kitchen, break room, dinette, home office, or commercial spaces is to add LED recessed lighting in charleston. Easy and a very affordable must-have to add to your space, these LED lights are designed to enhance the look and provide a high end look and feel.


Whether you are working on a full renovation or giving your space a face-lift, ambient lighting is a must-have.
Recessed lighting takes up virtually no space, as it is almost completely flush to the ceiling.

Our Charleston electricians can install recessed lighting that will light up any space.
Recessed lighting takes very little room to install. That’s why they’re ideal if under a joist or HVAC duct work. 

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