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When you think about power outages, you might think that what you’ll miss the most is your TV. And that’s reasonable. But your insights might change when you think of power outages during a disaster like a hurricane.

Long hours in the dark can be incredibly dull without your TV or your computer. But when a hurricane strikes and the power goes out, the lack of entertainment is the least of your problems.

Luckily, you can supply your home with power even during outages by using a power generator. If you want to learn more about why you should have a power generator installed today, read on below. 

Flickering Lights

Everybody knows about this. If you see any flickering lights in your home, you will need to call an electrician to get things working. Flickering lights issue is because of the high voltage of electricity or due to the low voltage. There can be a fault or fixture depending on the area you stay and the power you consume.
The lights might just keep diming or they might get turned off. Either way, it’s a fault and you will have to fix that. If you see this more often, it’s highly recommended that you should get it done by calling a professional electrician. They will do an inspection and let you know about the issues. 

Circuit Breaker keeps Triggering

The circuit breaker is the switch that looks like a toggle switch. It is either on or off. If the circuit breaker keeps triggering, it simply means that there is some problem. There are mainly three reasons for circuit breaker triggering. One of them is because of the short circuit. Along with that overloading and ground fault are also the two reasons why this might be happening. Circuit breaker triggering is not just a problem for the power but it is also annoying as the power will go off and you will have to push the circuit back up. Therefore, you can call an electrician and get this fixed as soon as possible. So, you will no longer have to go out and push the breaker.


Generators don’t make electricity. Instead, they convert chemical or mechanical energy into electricity. They do this by turning the power of motion into electrical energy. One way to think of a generator is an electrical motor running in reverse.

Like those at Hoover Dam, some heavy-duty generators create vast amounts of electricity by transforming the water’s power into electricity. Most residential generators, however, rely on traditional fuel sources like gas, diesel, and propane.

Burning or Strange Smell

If you find any burning or strange smell more often, that’s another sign o call an electrician. There could be a variety of reasons for this. If one of the wires is burnt from the places you can’t see, it could give you big trouble. Therefore, you should make sure that you call an electrician. It’s usually a burning smell. It will smell like plastic or rubber is burning. This is due to the wire. The wire has a similar smell. However, it depends on the situation. 


Hot Switch or Socket

When you put your mobile on charging and try to turn on the switch, does it feel hot? If yes, this is something you need to pay attention to. The switch as well as the socket might get a little heated if there is some fault in the electrical panel. The switch could get too hot or even if it is getting a little hot, it is advised to call an electrician to see what’s wrong. Sometimes, if there is some fault, the electric panel might also get hot. 

Strange Noise

Along with the strange smell, strange noise might also indicate a fault in the electric system. If you hear a strange sound such as a sparkling sound or the sound like a short circuit, there could be some problem here. You can try turning off the main switch and see if the noise is gone. If it’s gone, it’s surely due to the electric problem which needs your attention. If there is some problem with the socket, it’s highly recommended to change the cable first and then try again. If you connect your mobile charger and hear strange noise, you can try changing the mobile charger or try to connect the mobile charger in another socket to be sure that the charger is good. If the charger is good, it’s confirmed that there is some fault in the socket. 

After a Storm

Storm and many other natural disasters have been pretty common nowadays. You will see them after a while. If your area is hit by a storm, it is advised to call the electrician once everything is in place. The storm will have various contacts with water which will harm the panel. If there is some problem in the socket or panel, you might also experience shock when you try to switch on something. Therefore, call the electrician whenever your area is hit by a storm or even a thunderstorm.

Regular Inspection

Not everyone will take this advice. However, it’s highly recommended that you have a regular inspection of your home or office. All the electricians offer attractive plans for the inspection. This will cover the checking and analyzing all the things. You should have the inspection done every once in a while. This will save you from the big future cost. For example, if there is something that needs your attention, the electrician will fix it before it gets spoiled more. Therefore, you should surely call the electrician and have a regular inspection. 

Final Words

To conclude, if you are facing any of the problems or you are seeing any of these signs, make sure you call a certified and insured electrician. This is to ensure the safety of your house or the office. The signs remain the same whether it’s the office or home. Lastly, you can surely have a regular inspection for better safety.


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