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According to the reports of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), electrical receptacles are involved in 5,300 fires each year causing forty deaths and more than 100 consumer injuries. Hence, everyone needs to ensure safety from electrical fires at home. So, we have arranged top reasons which may cause electrical fires in your home. Let’s dive straight into it:-

Loose or Worn Outlets

Loose or worn outlets are the major cause of home fires and if your cords can be plugged into an outlet easily then it is the sign of worry. Moreover, if your cords simply fall out of outlets or you have to adjust them in the switches then you need the help of expert electrician right away as it is the first step toward the disaster.

Old Switches

Old switches start to wear out as time pass because the wire connection behind or around the switches starts to lose over the period. Although it can be fixed by tightening the wire connections it is risky for non-electricians. Hence, either goes for expert electricians or replacement to save your home from fire.

Expired Fixtures

The electric fixtures usually remain good from 25 to 50 years but after that, the light fixture starts losing the grip and power which they previously enjoyed. These expired fixtures can fail to hold electric equipment or to prevent heat and electric flow which can result in a home fire. Hence, one should contact an expert electrician to estimate the conditions of fixtures.

Extension Cord mishaps

Extension cord mishaps are another major reason for the fire in the homes. The old wiring in the house provides fewer options for connecting electrical appliances. It happens because our usage of electricity has increased manifold. Hence, we use extension cords to connect devices which lead to mishaps and fire. The best solution for this is to contact expert electricians who can make new outlets according to your needs or replace the wiring.

Continuous electric overload

Electricity consumption has been increased over the past decades which increased the load on the electric system of the homes. This continuous electric overload is putting more pressure than the system can handle easily. Hence, it can result in overheats of the wires, fixtures, and switches. This can trigger the fire very quickly. Although the system was designed to prevent the heat from piling up yet it happens because the system is overload continuously above its capacity to hold heat and electric flow.

Faulty wiring methods

Faulty wiring methods employed by electricians are one of the biggest causes of home fires as these faulty wiring methods are bound to fail at some point or another. When it comes to the wiring of the house, only the expert electricians can handle it correctly. The usual electrician may do the wiring just to pass the electric flow throughout the building. However, an expert electrician will take all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure long term safety and stability of the electronic system of the house. Hence, always contact expert electricians for wiring.


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