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Whole House Surge Protection

Affordable Whole House Surge Protection in Charleston SC


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whole home surge protection

Whole House Surge Protection


Ever imagined ninjas protecting your home? Well, at Powerful Electrical, our surge protectors are just like those stealthy warriors – the Electrical Ninjas, always ready to guard your home from the sneaky enemy of power surges! ⚡

Thanks to the 2020 NEC code change, these ninjas are now a must-have for all service replacements and upgrades. Just like a ninja’s swift strike, our team installs these protectors quickly, efficiently, and with utmost precision. 

Upgrading to a whole house surge protector is like having an invisible ninja force field around your house, deflecting both external and internal power surges with ease. It’s all about keeping your digital dojo safe and sound! 

And guess what? Our surge protectors come with up to $75,000 in manufacturer coverage. That’s a safety net that would make any trapeze artist green with envy! 

So, let’s embrace the spirit of the Electrical Ninjas. Call us today to schedule your whole house surge protector installation and give power surges the chop!

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Powerful Electrical LLC-Electrician in Charleston, SC Whole House Surge Protection

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whole house surge protection

Whole House Surge Protection

Affordable Whole House Surge Protection in Charleston SC