Get Your Tripped Breaker Repaired By Trusted Electricians in Charleston

Get Your Tripped Breakers Repaired By Trusted Electricians in Charleston

Tripped Breaker Repair in Charleston, Summerville, Bonneau, Ridgeville areas

Tripped breakers are one of the most annoying things. If your breakers keep tripping, you will need to recheck it every time and then repair the tripped breaker to put it back in the normal position.

Breakers are the type of switch which can be either turned on or off. It can’t be intact in any way. It’s a trigger switch that most people have in the electrical panel. Sometimes, the breaker will automatically keep tripping.

So, it might look like the power went off. However, when you check the panel, it is just the breaker that is tripped again. This becomes annoying if it happens again.

There are various reasons why you might face tripped breakers. Here are some of the top reasons for this. And then, we will see how you can get the tripper breaker repaired in Charleston, Summerville, Bonneau & Ridgeville, SC locations.  

Circuit overload

When the power is in extreme proportion, the panel will typically handle the power overload. However, if it keeps going on for more time, the breaker will automatically trip. It is not the circuit breaker’s fault, but it is the fault of the power.

There might be various reasons for this. If the electrical panel you use is less than 200 amps and the power consumption requires more, you will face this situation.

Let’s get a bit technical. There is a fixed amount of current set in the circuit. If the power exceeds the limit, it will be overloaded. That situation is where the circuit overload happens. Usually, the panel can easily handle it for a while. However, if it exceeds the limit of the breaker, it will trip the breaker, so the wires don’t burn up and cause a severe fire.

The excessive current is usually due to more current from the circuit being overloaded with too much power being used.
When the circuit is broken, the power will stop flowing. This is when the switch will trip. This is one of the most common reasons for tripped breakers. However, there could be other reasons too.


A Short Circuit

Many people have misconceptions thinking both of these are the same thing. However, a short circuit and circuit overload are two different things.

If you look at the definition, both of them might look a lot similar. A short circuit is where the circuit is literally shorter and never makes it to the load. The hot and neutral wires touch, causing a massive spike in amperage and ultimately tripping the breaker. 

A short circuit might also harm other devices and appliances. Therefore, the breaker is tripped to prevent you from other failures and hazards including being shocked.
By definition, you might think that both of them are similar things. In overloading, the current is more and the same thing happens in a short circuit, right?

The major difference is in the source. In overloading, the power is more from the source which causes the overloading, and tripped breakers are seen. However, in the short circuit, the supply is nowhere in the picture. It’s about the current flowing from one path to another which has something to do with the lines or line-to-earth.  


Tripped Breaker Repaired in Charleston, Summerville, Ridgeville, Bonneau

Triper Breaker Issue Due to Ground Fault

The net reason for the tripped breakers is the ground fault. Whenever there is any inadvertent contact between the electrical conductor and the ground frame, it will cause the ground fault. The normal return path of the current changes through the grounding system. This is why you see the breakers are triggering. The most common reasons for ground fault are because of the faulty wires or it might also be because of the failed electrical panel.

There could be various reasons for this. However, these two are the most common ones. Whenever the ground fault happens, you will need to check the wires and also need to make sure that the ground and the conductor is no more in contact. Once you do all these things, you can easily solve the ground fault. 

Problem with Electrical Panel

If there are more than two issues, you might also need to upgrade the panel itself. If you are using an outdated panel, this might be the biggest reason for it. The modern appliances need an upgraded and latest electrical panel. The primary difference here is the ampere. If you upgrade the panel, you will get an electrical panel with more ampere which is perfect for people in Charleston or in any place in America.

Therefore, you can even upgrade the electrical panel. If you are facing the tripped breakers issue for a long time, we highly recommend you to upgrade the panel. This will make sure that the problem is solved and it will also prevent you from further failure. Lastly, it’s surely your choice. 


How to know Which is your Reason For the Issue & how to fix it?

Now, the main question arises. How can you know which is the reason for tripped breakers in your case?

Well, there is no particular way to find out that. You can try checking the wires and look for circuit errors. However, you will need basic knowledge about the circuit to do it. If not, you will end up spoiling more. Therefore, if you are not aware of anything, we recommend you not to do anything by yourself. In this way, your circuit can be safe.

You can call a professional and have it inspected. Once they inspect it, they will tell you the exact reasons why this is happening and what is the reason for the same.

The #1 reason why we don’t recommend you to do it by yourself is because of the other issues. There could be more than one problem that is causing the issue. Even if you put in some effort and can fix one, the breaker might still keep triggering.

Therefore, you can contact an electrical expert and get the tripped breaker repair service in charleston, summerville, bonneau & ridgeville locations. This is much better than just doing it all by yourself. It’s also recommended that you check the panel regularly. The professionals can do it for you at an affordable cost. Either way, you can always request a free consultancy if you want help. You can talk to them and share the situation. Thereafter, you can decide whether you want to repair or upgrade.

If you have any issues regarding tripper breaker then kindly contact us. We offer the best tripper breaker repair service in charleston, summerville, bonneau & ridgeville, SC regions.



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