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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

Hiring an Electrician

These are some of the questions you should unquestionably ask an electrician before hiring them. You will be confident that your work will be completed without any problems thanks to this. Therefore, be sure to ask the electrician in Charleston all of these questions the next time you’re hiring an electrician.

Once, you get a satisfactory answer to all the questions, you can hire them. Don’t skip any of them, we want to make sure you’re comfortable before we show up.

Do you have a License?

The first question should be whether or not they have a proper electrician license. A license is one of the most important parts. Here, some people think that all the electricians will surely be having it. However, that’s not true. There are many people out there who are doing the job of an electrician and don’t have a proper license for it. Therefore, you need to make sure that they have the proper license before you begin the work.

Do you have Insurance?

Insurance is the next thing you will need when doing an electricity-related job. The electrician you hire must have insurance. Most of them will surely do it, but it’s always better to ask for it. Licensed & insured electricians will not work in a better way, but they are also safe to hire. If something were to happen to your home, the homeowner would end up paying for the damages! Therefore, you should only hire a licensed & insured electrician. You should not hire them if they’re not licensed or insured.

Many people think insurance isn’t needed. However, that’s not true. The electrician you hire must have at least liability insurance. It protects your property while they’re working in your home. So many “chucks” in a truck operating with no license or insurance advertise that they are. Many of them saw their uncle how to replace an outlet, so they slapped a magnet on their truck, throw a tool bag and ladder in the back, and looking for customers looking for the cheapest guy. Call us Today! Don’t be fooled.

The Scope of the Project

You can ask them whether they will have to cut drywall or need to shut off the power to a certain area of the home. How long do you have for us to complete the project.

Here at Powerful Electrical, we go over the scope of the work as soon as our techs arrive. We then collect a pre approval signature to get approval of the estimate then get permission to work. If anything were to change, we stop and discuss the needs or changes with the customer then proceed as planned.

Ask about Guarantee and Warranty

It would be best if you also asked them about the guarantee and warranty. Suppose something happens after they finish the work. Who is responsible for that? Will you get any cost of the damage in such a case or not? It’s always better to ask such questions before you hire them. Even if they are not providing, it’s not bad, but you will get a decent idea about everything. Therefore, it is mandatory to ask them about all these things. Depending on your type of work, the electrician will answer this question. So, there is no proper specific answer here. It will change from person to person. We think of a job interview for every job we do because we’re interviewing for your next job!

Can I see some previous work or References?

This will most likely give you a better understanding of what the final result will look like. You can visit the official website of the electrician to know more about it. However, if they have not shown the details on their official website, you can surely ask them, and they will show you the previous work. When you are getting a licensed & insured electrician, they will tell you about all the previous work they have done. You can look at the photos and know how your work will be done. Once you are all set, you can proceed with the next question.

Feel free to ask for your contractor’s referrals, reviews, or testimonials. You can also research sites such as Angie’s, Google, and social media to see what their customers say about them.

With all reviews, there are always two sides to the story. If there’s an awful review, ask your contractor about it to get the complete story of what happened. When looking for past testimonials, start with these first:

  • Check the contractor’s website
  • Look them up on Google
  • Scroll through their social media accounts 

Who will do the work?

It’s always good to ask about who will be the main people who will do the work. In some cases, a licensed & insured electrician will hire some people who are working under them. You can ask them whether they are properly trained or not. They will surely be trained but for your peace of mind, you can ask them about their work as well.

How much time will you take?

Time will just be an estimation and they will give you a rough idea of how much time it will take to complete the entire project. This is to prepare yourself in case you need time off of work. If the project is big, it might take some more days to complete. We will talk about that during our on-site consultation to identify your specific project needs. Most normal jobs are usually completed in the same day.

Cost Estimation and Service Fee

Lastly, it’s about money. We use a flat rate, including material and labor, so there are no hidden charges, ever! With our flat rate, we take the guesswork out of the invoice. You know precisely what the project cost is before we begin working. 

We also provide several different options so you can pick your level of service and warranty. That way, if the job takes us 30 min or 3 hours, the price is the same as long as the scope of work doesn’t change.

These are some of the questions you can ask. You can definitely add more questions and ask all of them. Most importantly, make sure they are licensed & insured electricians. You want to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

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