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Electrical Safety

You’re pretty handy around the house. You know your way around a hammer and even a few power tools. So when it comes to your electrical wiring, you think that you should be safe to skip an electrician and do it yourself, right?
Dangerously wrong.
Hiring an electrician isn’t just about getting the job done professionally—it’s about getting the job done safely. The truth is, an electrician knows far more about electrical safety than the average homeowner. If you find the right electrical company, you’ll hire an electrician that puts safety first. 

The Dangers of DIY Electrical Work.

Electrical work isn’t like any other form of home repair. Even small mistakes can create disastrous consequences, now and in the long-run. Here are a few of the dangers of DIY electrical work—and why you should always hire a pro.

Electrical Hazards

The most obvious risk to homeowners is electrical hazards that may or may not be immediately visible to the eye.
Take fires, for example. Electrical fires are the second most common type of home fires,with
electrical failure fires accounting for the highest percentage of civilian deaths (18%) and direct property damage (20%). Worse, all it takes is a small error to create a fire—a wire in the wrong spot, an overloaded circuit,
the wrong wire size.

Unlike regular fires, electrical fires cannot be extinguished using water.
The water will conduct electricity and electrocute anyone unlucky enough to get wet.
Therefore, speaking of electrocution, there’s a real possibility that you could electrocute yourself if you
handle wires incorrectly.

Unlike a hammer, where you can rest your thumbs and recover your dignity,
electric shock doesn’t have the same margin for recovery.

You Don’t Know the Code

Unfortunately, the risk of electrical hazards is compounded by the fact that most homeowners don’t know the National Electrical Code.

Nearly all communities have permitting requirements before you can complete any significant electrical work.This means that your plans have been approved by the city or county as being “up to code,” ex. approved as safe.

The issue is not necessarily that home-owners cannot get permits themselves. The issue is that
home-owners don’t know what permits to obtain, nor do they know how to develop electrical plans
that are up to code.

If you complete a plan that isn’t in alignment with local regulations, you’re in
violation of the law. It’s even worse (and more costly) if you don’t get a permit at all.

Inspection Issues

All electrical components must pass an inspection before they can be used in a home. Failure to have components and plans inspected is a DIY issue that’s often ignored.
Many homeowners think that DIY wiring will only cause an issue when you try to sell your house. The
truth is that any faulty electrical repair has the potential to be dangerous. Plus, you’ll stare down the
barrel of steep fines for unsafe repairs.
And trust us, if you think you can hide DIY wiring in the walls, you’re in for a sorry surprise.

Electrical inspectors are experts, and they will find faulty wiring. You won’t be able to sell your home until the issues are fixed. At that point, isn’t it worth more to have a professional electrician do the work in the first place?

Expensive Repairs

Last but not least, if you’re trying to avoid expensive repairs, the better bet is to ditch DIY and hire a
professional electrician.
Even if you manage to DIY your wiring without causing any hazards, faulty wiring can fail at any time with dangerous consequences for you and your family. The longer you leave that faulty wiring in place, the worse the damage to your wiring as a whole.

That means expensive repairs that could have been avoided if you hired a professional from the start.

Think of it this way: a professional is always less expensive than an accident.

Our Emphasis on Electrical Safety

Because electrical repairs can easily become dangerous, finding a company that prioritizes electrical safety is critical.
At Powerful Electrical LLC, we understand the power and danger contained in every electrical job.

Our owner, Stan Davis, graduated from the Charleston Electrical Contractors Association’s four-year apprenticeship program, as well as holding a Masters license and a Commercial Contractors License in South Carolina.

Stan has extensive education on electrical projects, and he personally oversees every single one of our projects, bringing his extensive expertise to ensure that the project meets Charleston county and city
electrical code and your expectations.

We bring the same expectation of professionalism and experience to each of our electricians. We only hire electricians with extensive experience to backup their performance, focusing on those who, like our management team, prioritize providing an outstanding customer experience.

We know how stressful electrical projects can be. That’s why we always work with you to exceed your expectations, delivering high-quality electrical work that’s on-time, under budget, and above all, safe for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

The Company That Puts Your Safety First

At Powerful Electrical LLC, we’re built on a simple premise: Putting our customers first!

That’s why we deliver electrical work that always provides the highest possible standard of electrical safety.
Afterall, if we were hiring an electrician to do work that would support our families, we wouldn’t
settle for anything less than the best.

If you need to speak with our team about your electrical project, we’re here to help!

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