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Installing power to a shed or any detached building like garage and garden building is considered a complicated task. It surely is a complicated task but the expert electricians can do it very easily and safely due to their expertise and experience. Therefore, it is highly recommended to always hire electricians to install power to a shed or any detach building instead of any DIY because it is complicated and required expert supervision. However, to familiarize you with the process here is how to install power to a shed or any detached building.

Over-ground wiring connection

Over-ground wiring connection is an installation process in which the connecting wire between the main electric box and shed will be hanging high in the air probably through the roof. It is less recommended due to safety and design concerns but it is adopted to install power to shed quickly and easily. In this process, the concerned electric box is located and a wired connection is taken through the holes. The quality of the wire is decided to depend upon the distance between the electric-box and shed. The connection from the electric box to the shed is established in the most secure possible way in the air.

Meanwhile at the shed, a hole is created to pass the wire and another electric system is established in the shed which starts from the GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter). GFCI is placed to ensure the safety of people as it will shut down the electric flow in case of water leakage or related issues. After that, the power is distributed in and around the shed according to requirements.

Underground wiring connection

Underground wiring connection for installing power to a shed or any detached building is the safest and proper method that can be employed to power the shed. In this method, a trench is to be dug from the electric box in the main building to shed a connecting point. This trench should be around 18 inches in depth. Before digging, it is wise to contact the municipal office or to ensure there is no important connection beneath the surface on the way of digging. This trench is then layered with sand so that the wire can be saved from corners of rocks. After that, the wire is laid down in the trench which is then covered with sand again along with a warning tap indicating caution for any future digging. After that, the trench is closed accordingly.

Meanwhile, a plastic pipe is heated to adjust according to the required shape to bring wire from earth to hole of the shed. This molded pipe is fixed with fixtures and the wire connection is made into the shed. The first thing to adjust is GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) which saves people from getting electric shocks as it shut down the circuit in case of water leakage etc. In the end, the wiring is distributed in and around the shed as required.

In conclusion, any of the methods to install power to a shed or any detached building can be used depending upon the requirements of the place and client. It is better to take the recommendation of expert electricians in the matter as they are in a better position to guide which method is perfect to use according to the situation.


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