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In order to accommodate our constantly changing lifestyle and the inclusion of new electrical equipment, breaker boxes that are older must be changed. Because there are more appliances in modern buildings, they utilize more electricity than older ones did. Your breaker box may need to be replaced for a number of reasons.

Your current breaker box might not be up to code and might not be able to handle the electrical needs of your household if it is old or out of date. A hazardous or outdated breaker box can also be dangerous, increasing the chance of electrical fires or electrocution.

You can make sure that your electrical system is modern, secure, and capable of handling your home’s power requirements by updating your breaker box. It is advised to have a certified electrician examine your breaker box and determine whether an electrical panel installation is required. 

Electrical Panel Installation

Electrical panel installation upgrades are completed in a single day, and only quality panels are used. A 200 amp electrical panel installation is required for modern heating and cooling due to our way of life and electrical devices. Some examples of electrical appliances with significant energy consumption include hot tubs, electric car chargers, and water heaters.

We need a power supply that can handle all of our requirements, including those for a hot tub and water heaters. We need a powerful panel to ensure our safety and ability to handle increasing loads.

An essential part of each home’s electrical system is the breaker box, commonly referred to as an electrical panel or distribution board. The breaker box acts as the brain that regulates how electricity is distributed throughout the house. The electrical circuits in your home are protected against overload, short circuits, and other electrical defects by a number of circuit breakers that are housed in it.

When a circuit has a problem, the breaker trips, stopping the power supply to that specific circuit and preventing additional harm or safety risks. To prevent electrical problems like fires or shocks, it’s crucial to maintain your breaker box and make sure it complies with modern safety regulations. It’s important to call a qualified electrician to evaluate and fix the problem if you observe any warning indications, such as flickering lights, a hot or buzzing breaker box, or repeated breaker trips. 

Is your electrical panel over 20 years old?

Are you a property management firm that recently purchased an older residence with an inadequate electrical panel or breaker box?

The majority of older homes contain unsafe electrical panels from bad manufacturers!

One of the top causes of residential fires in the United States is faulty wiring. The risk of a fire caused by defective wiring increases dramatically as a home ages.

Signs of old and faulty wiring include:

  • Flickering or Dimming Lights
  • Shock or Tingling Sensation When You Touch Appliances
  • Burning Smell
  • Tripped breakers
  • Buzzing lamps
  • Hot outlets
  • Frequently Tripped Breakers
  • Sparks Around any Electrical Item
  • Cloth Insulation
  • Flexible Cords Used as Permanent wiring
  • Loose Conductors

Due to the growing use of electronic devices and power-hungry equipment, 200 amps is now the standard for electrical panels.

Consider upgrading to a 200-amp breaker panel if your current breaker panel is inadequate for your electrical requirements or if your circuit breakers trip whenever you try to turn on your air conditioner or hot tub. This also holds true for any significant renovations. putting in new equipment.  Your electrical panel might not be able to accommodate the installation of a server, a new hot tub, an air conditioner, an electrical tankless water heater, an electrical vehicle charger, or other high-energy equipment.

Electrical Panel Installation

Electrical Panel Installation

200 amps is the new standard for electrical panel installation, as there are more electronics and power-hungry equipment. If your existing breaker panel is inadequate for your electrical needs or if your circuit breakers trip whenever you try to turn on the air conditioner or hot tub, you might consider upgrading to a 200 amp breaker panel. This also applies to any extensive renovations.

Who can predict what kinds of gadgets and appliances we’ll be using in ten or fifteen years with the next electrical panel installation?

It’s a great decision to upgrade your electrical breaker panel if you’re already rebuilding or updating your home. Your home will gain a lot of value from a new 200-amp electrical panel!

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Electrical Panel Installation

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